RPOWER POS and QuickBooks Integration: A payroll and inventory solution. 

Why integrate to a payroll service versus doing it yourself?

Without integrating RPOWER and QuickBooks, you’ll have to personally transcribe data from your POS system to your payroll provider. Here’s a preview of what you will have to personally remember if you are not integrated to a payroll service: 

  1. New hire reporting to government agencies 

  2. Individual hourly, salary, and contracted employees combined with their earnings 

  3. Payroll taxes administration 

  4. HR record keeping 

Connect RPOWER POS to the Quickbooks integration to save time and money.

By syncing data from RPOWER POS to the Quickbooks integration, payroll, inventory, and more become centralized, making it easy to connect the dots in financial management. 

RPOWER does the heavy lifting. 

When you integrate to Quickbooks through RPOWER, you no longer need to transcribe data to the accounting platform, saving time and the possibility of human errors. Seamlessly transfer timesheets, inventory, and more. 


  • Pay employees with complimentary 24-hour direct deposit 

  • Add appropriate tax calculations on every check automatically

  • Access payroll from your mobile device, in your restaurant, or online while on the go

  • File and pay taxes electronically in your QuickBooks platform, error free

  • Stay in the know when new federal and state tax laws change

POS software with in-app features that will make your life easier:

Inventory: Manage vendors, create purchase orders, and see what inventory items are being used the most through QuickBooks inventory. 

Manage Bills: Conveniently pay bills and vendors through this integration and keep check receipts all in one online-accessible location. 

Track Time: No need to transcribe information. Your RPOWER POS system will transfer time clock information directly to the QuickBooks integration so billable hours are always accurate.


Quickbooks Online or Desktop versions - RPOWER has you covered!

Have any questions? We are happy to help!