RASI integrated with your RPOWER point of sale system creates a total restaurant management system!

Restaurant Accounting Services, Inc. (RASI)  isn’t software-in-a-box; they’re experts in restaurant accounting, providing busy restaurateurs with solutions to not only survive in this competitive business, but thrive. Their mission is to provide a cost-effective restaurant management system and service for independent restaurants that our competitors are unable to replicate.

Software and Service!

Accounting: RASI has been an industry leader in hospitality bookkeeping and accounting for over 40 years. 

Payroll: RASI’s Payroll Management System and Compliance Services enables end to end protection and peace of mind through its integration with the best restaurant and bar POS systems, including RPOWER 

Operations: RASI’s Financial and Operational Management System (Profit Center™) empowers independent single and multi-unit restaurant owners and operators in making proactive decisions that have a direct impact on their bottom line. 

Purchasing: Leveraging the purchasing power of over 2,000 RASI clients with nearly $1.3BN in spend, RASI has negotiated manufacturer rebate programs for our clients to earn money back on their everyday purchases.

Consulting: RASI offers a wide range of restaurant consulting services that focus on specific objectives with measurable outcomes. 

Compliance: RASI’s Team of Compliance Agents and Restaurant Operations Specialists are dedicated to protecting your valuable assets, you, your employees and your business. 

QSR: RASI’s turnkey financial solutions empower QSR operators through service and education to make proactive, profitable decisions, simplify their back office, and grow their operation while protecting their valuable assets, employees, and business.

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