RPOWER POS-Sage Intacct Integration: No More Manual Bookkeeping


Sage Intacct is a provider of cloud-based financial management technology and services. It is best known for its hospitality accounting software that helps restaurants and other food businesses keep their finances on track. Sage Intacct connects directly to RPOWER to create a link between your restaurant point of sale system and accounting software. Here's how the RPOWER-Sage Intacct integration can benefit your business:



The integration allows you to centralize key data collection and automatically send it to Sage Intacct, eliminating manual POS data entry and transcription.



Your data is stored within RPOWER and exported directly to your accounting software, removing the risk of data loss and complications that may occur if the process is done manually.



Your sales and labor accrual data, inventory costs, and other information is pulled directly into your accounting software, giving you real-time insights about your financial situation that can help inform your business strategy.



By automating the data transfer between your point of sale system and your accounting software, you’ll reduce the room for error associated with manual data entry.



The RPOWER-Sage Intacct integration also tracks historical data, giving you access to daily, monthly, and yearly reports that provide an overview of your finances and streamlines tax filing.


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