Online ordering platforms are the new, inexpensive way to market with minimal effort and maximum return. With the RPOWER-Uber Eats POS integration, your customers are able to order for pickup or delivery.   

Online shopping, but for food. 

Hungry patrons love one thing more than your delicious meals: convenience. With this online ordering system, your customers can make an order for pick-up or delivery and track its progress without leaving the comfort of their home. 

The customer view: 

  1. Browse: Choose the menu items you’d like to feature in-app through your RPOWER POS system for restaurants

  2. Order: When a customer places an order, it will be sent directly to your point of sale system in-house 

  3. Track: As the order is accepted, prepared, and out for delivery, your patrons are able to keep tabs in their Uber Eats app 

  4. Receive: Once the order is delivered, customers are given an option to submit feedback. 

Through RPOWER POS, you never have to worry about transcribing data. 

Connecting your RPOWER terminals to the Uber Eats integration allows all preferred menu items and pricing to sync with modifier choices. Since you are seamlessly integrated to Uber Eats through RPOWER, orders are transferred directly into your RPOWER POS system without the need for any extra hardware. 

Order for pickup or delivery.

The days of waiting around reception until an order is complete are over. Uber Eats makes it just as convenient to order for pick up as ordering for delivery. Customers are able to receive an ETA for their purchases so they know when exactly to retrieve their order. 

Why integrate with RPOWER-Uber Eats?

It spreads the word. 

Whether you’re a new or seasoned restaurant, you can never have too much marketing. Opening your digital doors to a new group of customers will allow for growth in sales and brand awareness. 

It’s simple. 

With RPOWER’s takeout and delivery integrations, you can still attract customers that don’t feel like leaving the comfort of their home with an easy way to enjoy your meals. 

Don’t want to hire a delivery team? You don’t have to. 

Uber Eats takes care of drivers and their compensation, so you can focus on crafting the perfect meal for your patrons.

Have any questions? We are happy to help!