RPOWER POS-Yellow Dog Integration: keep your restaurant fully stocked

RPOWER’s restaurant and bar POS takes the pain out of tracking inventory with Yellow Dog software. Offering a full back office inventory solution, Yellow Dog tracks food and beverage inventory for bars and restaurants through daily POS transactions which eliminates the need for transcription. Inventory that is managed directly through our point of sale software results in a seamless, 360 degree view of restaurant inventory from anytime, anywhere.  

Yellow Dog Software handles purchasing, replenishment, and more in restaurant food and beverage inventory.

Mobile App: Count and log inventory right from your iOS or Android mobile device. Tracking food and beverage inventory from a place with no internet connection (freezers, basements, etc.)? Yellow Dog software allows users to count inventory while offline. Users can additionally upload inventory via wifi or cellular data.

Bar Scales: Track liquor inventory down to the last drop with Yellow Dog software and Free Pour. Easily cross reference daily liquor sales with liquor inventory at the end of each day to monitor overpours. 

Save Time and Money

Yellow Dog food and beverage Inventory allows restaurant owners to use one source for all menu item creations. It can push the menu item with the recipe already attached. While integrated with RPOWER’s POS system, restaurant owners can keep more of what they make by keeping track of current inventory while actively reducing food waste. 

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