The online ordering & delivery integration made for the big city

Not all customers prefer to dine in. With the RPOWER-Seamless integration, you can continue to attract customers that would like to enjoy your meals in the comfort of their own homes. When connected, the customer’s order is sent directly to your RPOWER point of sale system so there’s no need for any extra hardware or transcription.

No additional online menus to manage.

Want to add an item, delete an item, change a price... All of these are handled by the RPOWER-Seamless Integration, when you update your local RPOWER menu your Seamless menu updates as well.

Group orders.

Easily provide a group order offering for your patrons. Individuals order through Seamless and when completed the entire Group Order is transmitted to RPOWER for simplified production and management. Customers and groups can pre-order their meals up to 4 days in advance and easily track their orders via Seamless in-app.

Think of it as social media, but for your restaurant.

The RPOWER-Seamless integration makes it easy to get the word out about your business. By integrating with Seamless, you will attract a new group of customers while also giving your existing patrons another way to enjoy your meals. 

Don’t have a delivery team? 

No problem. Seamless offers on-demand delivery drivers. If you want to use your own restaurant employees as drivers, the integration has an option for that too. 

How it works: 

  1. Your RPOWER POS System syncs your restaurant menu with your online menu in Seamless.
  2. A customer sees your restaurant listed on the Seamless app and places their desired order. 
  3. Seamless digitally shares the order with your RPOWER point of sale system.
  4. As your employees are finishing up preparation, a Seamless driver (or your own) picks up the order from your restaurant and delivers it to your customer. 

Keep your online ordering customer in the know.

No one likes to wonder where there order is. With the RPOWER-Seamless Integration, once a customer places an order, the restaurant confirms receipt and designates an expected delivery time, keeping your customer in the know.


Have any questions? We are happy to help!