Smart Transaction Systems

RPOWER POS and Smart Transaction Systems: The tools you need to enhance your gift card program

Are you ready to take your restaurant's gift and loyalty program to new heights?

Experience the power of seamless integration with RPOWER POS and Smart Transaction Systems (STS) – a winning combination to streamline gift cards, boost sales, and enhance customer engagement. 

Maximize Your Reach with Smart Transaction Systems

Ditch traditional plastic gift cards. Say hello to digital and online gift cards that cater to your tech-savvy customers. With multiple ways to promote gift cards, STS ensures your program reaches its full potential, allowing you to connect with a broader audience effortlessly.

Streamlined Sales and Redemptions

RPOWER POS and STS join forces to streamline gift card sales and redemptions like never before. Experience the convenience of selling and redeeming gift cards directly through your RPOWER POS system. Enjoy clerk ID tracking, and comprehensive reports that empower you to stay in control of your gift card program effortlessly.

Unleash the Power of Text Message Rewards

Engage and delight your customers with Wilbur VIP – STS's automated text message reward system. Watch as customer visits and spending soar when you leverage personalized text message rewards.

Digital Gift Cards: Instant Gratification for Your Customers

Give your customers the gift of instant gratification! With the STS plug-in, selling digital gift cards on your website becomes a breeze. 

Comprehensive Features at Your Fingertips

RPOWER POS and STS have got you covered with every feature you need for a complete gift and loyalty program. From dynamic card balance check tools, gift card registration, and even a Facebook sales app.

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