RPOWER Point of Sale makes it easier to track draft beer. 

The most crucial resource a draft-serving restaurant requires is a self-serving beverage inventory manager. Streamline the process with Table Tap by reducing paperwork and increasing visibility.
Save time: Reduce the need for data entry labor by connecting your RPOWER point of sale system with Table Tap inventory software. Record draft consumption by patron, table, or beer card. Additionally save time by allowing drink and food orders in-app with PourTender. 
Save money: There is no reason to spend your hard earned dollars on multiple application when you have everything in one place.

It’s all in the pour. 
Beer Walls: Whether your patrons would like to try 1 ounce of every beer in house or simply drink their favorite beer on tap, the WallTender makes it a simple process for self-serving by connecting to their tabs and beer cards. By connecting to this integration, customer wait times are no longer a problem. Customers can drink and eat as much as they please without ever waiting on a server to come around to their table. 
Table Taps: With the TableTender, customers have the ability to pour their own beer, order food, and ask for staff at the touch of a button. Restaurant owners have the ability to display their latest promotions and showcase their upcoming events right from the screens at the table. 

Companion App: Say goodbye to long lines with the Table Tap Companion App: PourTender. This iOS and Android compatible smartphone app pairs with beer cards to simplify the user experience.

  • Order food and drinks through the app to cut down on time that it takes to make a traditional order
  • Allow customers to provide feedback about their experience and for individual drafts 
  • Allows customers add credit to their beer card in-app, so there is no need to close a tab before leaving
  • Customers can view their pour history and learn about what other beers you offer

Keep more of the money you make.
With Table Tap, you can track the profitability of your business by daily draft consumption to visualize which beers your customer love versus the lower performing brands. Restaurant owners can use in-app resources to learn which customers are regulars, peak times, and more. 


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