Human Capital Management at your fingertips.

All of your essentials, in one place. 
If you’re looking for an HCM integration that combines payroll, human resources, benefits, and time and attendance, look no further than iSolved. iSolved is the all-inclusive integration that will handle all of your workforce management needs. 

Paperless Payroll
iSolved makes managing payroll easy as an employer. Their user-friendly design looks out for errors as you go, ensuring that your employee’s paychecks are always accurate. With this RPOWER integration, it’s easier than ever to go paperless by opting into direct deposit and pay cards. 

Human Resources 
The RPOWER-iSolved integration keeps training information, company assets, and disciplinary offences all in a central location that can be accessed online- the days of opening up a file to find crucial details are over.

  • Provide self-service tools for your staff 
  • Track and manage paid time off 
  • Access job history for any employee
  • Manage salary and benefits 
  • Keep certifications, training history, and performance reviews all in one place. 

Time & Attendance
Since iSolved is an all-inclusive software that gathers all things HCM, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of a separate time system. Through your RPOWER point of sale system, employees can clock in and out while the data travels to the iSolved integration where it can be managed and processed.
Timeclock Geofencing  
Say goodbye to time theft. With iSolved, you can create map boundaries (fences) and receive an alert every time an employee clocks in or out outside of the them. 

Benefits Enrollment 
iSolved makes it easy to streamline your open enrollment period. Employees can view their options online and enroll while still being able to access this information whenever they need. 

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